Anal Fisting Lovers

anal fisting lovers
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To get these girls off, you better be bringing more than just your silly little cock to bed. I’d have to pack a suitcase full of items that these beautiful sluts would want in their holes, and get my fists ready for a long night! Whether it’s a fist, a long dildo the size of a tree stump, or a fire hydrant, their holes are getting the workout they so desire!

Cute Teen Loves Extreme Fisting

Cute teen loves extreme fisting
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Shhh, don’t let her parents find out that she’s not the innocent girl that they tried to make her be. It’s actually quite the contrary when you get her in the bedroom! I love watching this girl get completely nude and show her pussy to the camera! And she’s such a tease when she rubs her pussy, that is until she gets out any number of objects, and uses her fist, to get herself off.

BDSM-style Double Pussy Fisting

BDSM-style double pussy fisting
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These two kinky dykes are keen on fisting – bet you will understand it as soon as you see the dirty extreme sex movie that I’ve prepared for you this time! Well, there ain’t anything too surprising while the dominant one is drilling her girlfriend with one hand – but when she sticks both of her fists into the yelling girl’s snatch… Damn, I just can’t describe it – it’s something worth seeing!

Latex Junkie Fists Her Slit

Latex junkie fists her slit
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Here is another sizzling hot extreme fisting video for you, my dear surfers! This puss gets turned on by the smoothness of her skin-tight latex suit so bad that she decides to cram her yummy snatch with her own gloved hand! Well, it’s slick and petite and her hole is well-trained, so… She will do it! Watch out not to faint when you see this one, buddy!

Deep Lesbian Anal Fisting

deep lesbian anal fisting
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These sexy chicks were ready for a night of hardcore fisting, huh? They brought their very best lube and some gloves, as she spreads her asshole out as wide as it can go. I love watching the other girl’s hand slide in and out of her tight ass, as she begs to have it shoved deeper and deeper inside of her. This slut can take an ass fisting!

Anal Butt Plug Fucking

Anal butt plug fucking
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Strapped in with nowhere to go, this male slave has his entire asshole exposed at the mercy of his mistress. And she loves doing everything imaginable to his ass, especially fisting! But she’s using tons of toys today, taking out big butt plugs and stuffing them into his ass two at a time, and also takes out dildos as big as your arm and fills his tight virgin ass with those too!

Hot Lesbian Anal Fisting

Hot lesbian anal fisting
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Who told that most dykes are gentle and careful? Bet that this person hasn’t seen this gallery yet! What I’ve got to show you this time is an amazing free fisting movie exposing a luscious bitch standing on all fours – and getting her chocolate flower nailed by her kitty friend’s fist! Looks like it all doesn’t have to do shit with tenderness, huh? :)

Extreme Male Anal Torture

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His mistress had something devious and torturous in mind, as she lubed up her biggest, thickest dildo for his tight ass. I have no idea how that is going to fit inside of him! She rubs it into his butthole, and then gives it a big push as the male slave howls out louder as every inch goes inside his tight virgin ass. Now that’s some extreme ass torture!

Ass And Pussy Fisting Exam

Ass and pussy fisting exam
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The nurse had to give her female patient a thorough examination. So she got her up on the table on all fours and started to lube her hands up. With one big shove, she had her hands wrist deep inside both her tight snatch and her asshole! The blonde couldn’t believe how brazen she was, and how good it felt. I love listening to the way she moans as she’s being fist fucked!